On June 21st Olivia Harrison is publishing an illustrated book of poetry dedicated to George.

Please follow the link below to find out more about this beautiful and personal

"My book of 20 poems for George, in the 20th year of his passing will be released on June 21st. Image removed. I hope you enjoy these personal stories, recollections and reflections." Olivia Harrison

13 November 2013

Featured product at the official European Beatles store - custom Beatles home furnishings by Woouf! Made to the highest quality and standards in Barcelona Spain. Order from the UK store

18 September 2013

22 August 2012

"Paul said, 'Look I've got this idea,' and we said, 'Great!' - and all he had was this circle and a little dot on the top. That's where we started!" [Ringo]

In September 1967, The Beatles were making their third film, this time conceived and directed by The Beatles themselves. They loaded friends, family, a film crew and cast onto a bus, and headed west on the A30 out of London. They didn't know what was going to happen, but they didn't need to - this was The Magical Mystery Tour!

20 March 2012

By hand, frame by frame and without the use of automated software, The Beatles' 1968 Pop Art masterpiece Yellow Submarine has been digitally restored and re-released to huge acclaim.
The delicate, hand-drawn artwork that revolutionised animation in its day has been brought back to its original condition, revealing it to be as thrilling a psychedelic odyssey as it was at the time of its original release.
Yellow Submarine was the first great, non-Disney animated feature and it's as if the music, themes, surreal humour, artwork and writing have all just been born again in 4k digital resolution.
Visit (link) to explore how the film was made. The site features original storyboards, cells, and making-of films.

20 March 2012

Yellow Submarine is available to order on Blu-Ray, DVD and on iTunes now! You can order your copy of the restored classic film on Blu-Ray or DVD from the official Beatles stores or from your local retailer.

22 June 2012

Yellow Submarine was the first great, non-Disney animated feature.

Now, the music, surreal humour, artwork and writing have all been born again in 4k digital resolution.

20 April 2010

The in-the-round theater is equipped with 6,000 speakers that blast the tunes at sometimes concert-worthy volume as acrobats and dancers move through the early lives of the Beatles, blasting apart a WWII-era Liverpool set during a bombastic "Get Back," racing across the stage in a vintage Beetle for "Drive My Car" and filling the air with giant soap bubbles pulled from the top of a grand piano for "Strawberry Fields Forever."